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FILLIN professional self-adhesive insulation strip

FILLIN professional self-adhesive insulation strip

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The corner joints of the wall become dirty and black due to dust.
Due to the kitchen fumes, the walls around the counter turn yellow, and the kitchen fumes are difficult to clean.
The paint on the joints between the bathtub and the wall, and also the bathroom sink, has started to peel off due to the humidity.



  • Special design:  with pleats in the middle, linear design.
  • Practical:  This waterproof insulation strip has a smooth, aesthetic surface and provides a long-lasting seal, so it can be used not only in kitchens, but also as a finishing touch for the home.
  • Good flexibility:  cut the insulating strip as you like. Simply peel it off and press the self-adhesive strip onto the surface for a few minutes. No complicated tools, no hassle and no waste, an easy alternative to conventional sealing.


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  • Wide range of applications:  ideal for sealing the joints  of gas ovens, sinks, toilets, bathtubs and walls;  It can prevent mildew and blackening, which keeps kitchen and bathroom well-maintained and clean. It is used for the joints between wall and wall, it is waterproof or dustproof.
  • Durable Material:  Made of  high quality PMMA material with higher adhesion and grip than traditional PVC and PE strips.  It is waterproof, moisture and oil resistant, robust and durable, and provides a professional-looking finish.


FILLIN professional self-adhesive insulation stripFILLIN professional self-adhesive insulation strip
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