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Flawless 2 In 1 New Facial Hair Remover Portable E

Flawless 2 In 1 New Facial Hair Remover Portable E

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Cutting head replacement

Remove: tum it anticlockwise, you will hear a"click then you can separate it from the product
Instal: aim the cuting head rotation axis, then turn it by clockwise rotaion tighten it


Remove the cutting head, use the cleaning brush to clean it.

Usage method

1. Tumn on the power switch, the machine works, and the indicator light is on
2. Move the machine against the direction of beard growth, and move it smoothly, back and forth
3. We suggest using it in dry environments.(use it before/ after washing face
4. Make sure the power is off When replacing the cuting head
5. Please keep the machine off when charging
6.Do not insert the blade into the ear canal deeply, otherwise, it may hurt the ear canal.


Keep the machine out of the reach of children
Please remove the battery before discarding, and sort them when discarding


Package B(USB Charging)

shaver head*1
eyebrow trimmer head*1
cleaning brush*1
USB wire*1

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