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Flawless Painless Women’s Facial Hair Remover (Usb Rechargeable)

Flawless Painless Women’s Facial Hair Remover (Usb Rechargeable)

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Flawless Facial Hair Removal Tool is a facial epilation device covered with 18 carat gold plates with a handy and flashy for women.


In the addition to its and flamboyant design, it is produced only for the face area and is designed for all skin.


With its micro cleaning feature, it is 10 times more effect than wax, razor, body sprays and hair removal wipes.


Flawless hair removal device easily ends unwanted hair without causing



It is used for the face area in terms of Flawless production.


It is very suitable for use above and below the chin, cheeks and brings.


Thanks to the Flawless facial epilator facial cleaner,


The product, which is in the size of a lipstick, can be a, do not take up space and is very simple to use.


When the flash QLess epilation device is ordered, the stock status will be checked by our customer



What are the flash Facial Hair Remover Features?

It certainly does not be a sensation, dryness and redness on your skin.


It is an easy to use than other facial hair removal tools.


It does not be used and when you do not feel it while your hair is being removed.


It is made of stainless steel and will never rust in response.


It is suitable for all skin and can be used.


It is easily portable and can be used anywhere.


It shows its effect in a very short time and very short time and short hair reduction.


It is a smooth and bright skin appearance.

How to Use Flawless Depilatory Epilator?

Before using the Flawless tool, put on the cap in its box.


First, wash your skin with clean water and dry it.


After the cleaning process is finished, run the flawless hair epilator around the unwanted hair areas on your skin.


Finally, wash your skin again and don't forget to apply anti-dryness moisturizer.


It makes your face look very clean.


Clean skin will have a much more vibrant and health appearance.


Thus, you can easily perform your skin care



No Dryness and Redness

It can be used by people with sensitive skin.


It does not create any cuts on the skin.


It doesn't wear out your face or make it red in any way.


It is a painless user experience.


In most cases, it is impossible to even feel the removal of facial hair while it.



Technology that can be used for years

It is made of stainless steel.


Thanks to this steel material, which is resistant



Gives in a Short Time

You will no longer have to spend a long time applying your personal care.


You can get rid of facial hair by taying a reasonable amount of time.


Thus, you can easily handle an important part of your skin care.



Technical Specifications

Speed Adjustment: 1 Level


Application Area: Face






Playaks Flawless Facial Epilator Face And Body cleaning Skin Care Machine



Flawless Facial Hair Removal Device - Flawless Facial Hair Remover Epilator



* Painless Hair Remover Face Body Scraper


* Helps You Get Rid of Faceless Hair


* Gives You Those Soft Smooth Legs you'and Always Wanted


* Activates And Removes Hair As Long As The Remover Head Against The Skin


* Bikini Line, Face, Underarm, Legs, Upper Lips


* Safe And Gentle To The Most Sensitive Skin

Wireless Usage Available


Flawless Facial Hair Removal tools:
Power Supply: 1AA Battery
Color: Pink
Material: Plastic
Weight: Approx. 70g

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