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Gloves Smooth Rubber Washcloth Household Cleaning House Garden Kitchen Dishwashing Mittens

Gloves Smooth Rubber Washcloth Household Cleaning House Garden Kitchen Dishwashing Mittens

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Protect Hands with Flock Lined Rubber Gloves!
Sized to fit most hands, these Extra Large moisture resistant gloves are easy to take on and off. Hands remain dry and slide easily on the flock lining. Even when you are working on hot water and your hands get sweaty, these amply-sized gloves will slide on and off smoothly.
A convenient 12 pack puts janitorial gloves where you need them. These gloves are useful for many tasks around your facility. Our 12 pack allows you to protect all of your employees from exposure to water and cleaning chemicals while they work.
Multi-Purpose Rubber Dishwashing Gloves!
These flock lined gloves are good for washing dishes and a whole lot more. These protect hands from hot water, cleaning chemicals, salts, acids, animal fats and other substances you may come in contact with. Use them for all of your wet jobs.
Our water resistant flock gloves will stand up to hours of cleaning. The rubber exterior will not break down in water or other routine cleaning solutions. Our gloves will not rip easily and let water in. Your hands stay dry!
Safety Textured Grip!
One danger of washing dishes in gloves is losing your grip and dropping the dishes. Glasses and dishes get slippery in soapy water, which is why our detergent resistant gloves featured a textured grip.
Your hands stay dry and the dishes don’t break. The textured grip helps you maintain a firm hold on even the most slippery surfaces. No more broken glass in your dishwater.
Flock Lining Cradles Hands in Comfort!
Cotton is the base material used to make the flock lining in our janitorial gloves. The exterior rubber protects you from wet substances, but it is the cotton flock that your hands come in contact with. Soothing cotton protects your hands on the inside of these gloves while you work. 
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