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LED Star Light Projector

LED Star Light Projector

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  • ADJUSTABLE STAND&GOOD COVERAGE: The galaxy projector star projector is on a stand so you could adjust the galaxy projector angle to help you avoid the light to your eyes. The projection is bright enough to cover the entire ceiling of about 200 ft room and make for a great relaxing ambiance. This galaxy light projector for bedroom can transform your room ceiling into a beautiful starry night. If you watch closely you'll see a shooting star fly across the ceiling. Very a pretty realistic starry night!
  • BLUETOOTH GALAXY PROJECTOR: Bluetooth-listening to music and watching the star flowing by is a nice way to relax, sleep,or watch TV quietly at the end of the day.The star night light projector is used as a night light due to its quiet.For adult's under so much stress and cannot sleep in the dark usually wake up or kid who's afraid darkness,this galaxy projector star projector changes the entire sleeping game...pair this ceiling projector with relaxing music and you'll sleep like a king or a baby.
  • TIMER for SLEEP: The galaxy projector star projector has a timer that can make the user-customizable: 0.5/1/1.5 hour so you can run galaxy light projector for an hour at bedtime to let the calming effects of the light soothe you,don't worry about shutting starlight projector off upon waking.The night light projector for bedroom is a soft glow,not glaring at all.The galaxy projector star projector comes with remote so that you have more options to adjust the brightness,colors, More CONVENIENCE!
  • MORE COLOR OPTIONS&CEILING FULL OF STARS:The galaxy projector star projector has more color options and the galaxy light projector covers the whole room with vibrant light,you won't feel bored!The starlight projector turns your bedroom ceiling into a beutiful star universe with clear stars that you just can't stop looking at.You could control the speed of cloud movement on night light projector.Walking into the room with the motion on of the universe moving kind of feel like floating in space.
  • LIGHT SYNC TO MUSIC STAR PROJECTOR :A very trippy galaxy light projects stars,moon into the ceiling.A microphone allows the lights to match the beat of music if you place the audio right next to galaxy projector star projector.It's like disco ball meets LED lights/galaxy projector star projector.Adds an amazing relaxing atmosphere for having people over,sleep, gaming,listen to music,or just about anything.A perfect birthday Christmas gifts for women,adults to have it in a adult or kids bedroom.
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