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Microfiber Duster,Adjustable Bedside Dust Brush Long Handle Mop

Microfiber Duster,Adjustable Bedside Dust Brush Long Handle Mop

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  • [Clear Invisible] --- The duster has expandability, flexibility and flatness, and its long handle is lightweight and can reach into corners, gaps and locations that are difficult to clean or cannot be cleaned normally.
  • [High-quality Materials] -- The microfiber duster is held by PP material and aluminum alloy. It has good flexibility and can easily reach the ceiling and the bottom of the sofa bed.
  • [Flexible & Bendable] --This microfiber feather duster is extremely tough, can be bent freely, has strong cleaning power, the cloth cover can be removed as a rag, and the long handle is removable, retractable and very flexible.
  • [Easy to Use & Reusable] -- This cleaning brush has a translucent PP sheet-like tan tough gray board, so it makes dusting easier. The cloth can be wet or dry, the texture is soft and does not hurt the surface, static electricity absorbs dust and hair, and the cleaning ability is extremely strong.
  • [Space Saving] -- The dust cleaner can be disassembled and assembled freely, easy to operate, and the cleaner has a tail suspension design, and is easy to store to save space.

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