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Microfiber Duster with Bendable Head

Microfiber Duster with Bendable Head

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Microfiber Duster with Bendable Head, Washable Reusable Duster 360 Degree Flexible Duster Head for Cleaning High Ceiling Fan, Interior Roof, Cobweb, Gap Dust- Wet or Dry Use

  • Soft microfiber, flexible head, is perfect for HOME, car, window blinds, ceiling fans, crown molding, bookshelves
  • This soft fiber dust brush is ideal to pick up unwanted dust without scratching or damaging any surfaces or using any chemicals
  • It is washable and reusable, wash it with soap water by hand and dry it for next time use
  • It is great for you to clean your car, auto and also can be use for house working
  • Electrostatic adsorption, completely remove dust, with strong adsorption capacity, durable in use
  • The handle can be adjusted, adapt to different needs.
  • Electrostatic adsorption and arbitrary bend.
  • With a clothing fork , convenient for you to get dry clothes.
  • Easy to clean and wash.
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