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Microfiber Gloves (For Windows, Cars and Laptop etc )

Microfiber Gloves (For Windows, Cars and Laptop etc )

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Product Details:

  • Cleanliness is half the faith
  • Take care of the cleanliness around you, keep the things around you clean, these gloves can play an important role in cleaning performance.
  • Keeping your home is very important for a home maker and for cleaning all the corners of home including furniture is a must for a shining home. And for cleaning your home this micro fiber quality gloves are a great help. They are easy to use, you can use them wet as well as dry. Same as a clean home for a home maker, cars and bikes are the first love of a man, and they want to keep their vehicle well clean and organize. These gloves help them to clean their cars and bikes easily. This easy to maintain gloves can be used for cleaning and polishing of any corner of your vehicle.
  • Microfiber cleaning gloves turns cleaning into fun. Your kids will LOVE to dust and wipe their cabinets and screens CLEAN.
  • It is easy and effective to scrub off Dirt and grime.
  • It can safely clean dirt, dust and greasy fingerprints without chemicals, ideal for cleaning car, glass, mirror without streaking.
  • It is easy to wash and dry.
  • This product will change your LIFE. clean behind your bookcase, your television, inside kitchen cabinets everywhere can clean.
  • Car Washing Glove Soft, Comfortable, Strong Absorption
  • Good Quality Microfiber Dusting Cleaning Gloves
  • To wash your car or dust in your home
  • Double Sided Microfiber Gloves, Multi Color
  • The Finest Quality Material and the high Density With Dual-Sided Design brings Super Absorbency For Dust, Dirt, Oil or other liquid
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