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Multicolor Floor Cleaning Mop With Steel Rod Long Handle

Multicolor Floor Cleaning Mop With Steel Rod Long Handle

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Product Description

This kind of mop uses the texture of chenille. Every piece of fur ball has powerful hygroscopicity.And this kind of mop can be dis assembled.It is convenient to wash and it is able to be cleaned easily.You clean you home without any effort. > The handle is the skidproof texture, it can be suspended so that you can save your space. And it is convenient to hold it .The design is very humanized. > The handspike is the texture And it bears water resistant,oil resistant and bears the aging. You can adjust the lenhgth depends on youself. You can shorten the length when you mop the floor and elongate the length when you clean the dust of roof. > It can be used in every environment.Not only kitchen''s grease but also bedroom''s dust can be cleaned easily.

Features :

1.Ultra Soft, Super absorbent

2.Easy to wash without detergent

3.Lightweight and compact

4.Remove visible and invisible dirt without any scratch 

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