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Semi-automatic Stainless Steel Egg Beater

Semi-automatic Stainless Steel Egg Beater

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Durable: Made of food grade stainless steel for durability and no need to worry about bending or breaking often

Energy saving and environmental protection: Semi-automatic design, quick and easy to use, mechanical mixing, fast mixing and mixing, saving you time.

Easy to use: The kitchen blender only needs to press down vertically and stir quickly to prevent excessive fatigue.

Easy to clean: Just wash with soapy water and rinse off.

Wide range of applications: Suitable for mixing, whipping and foaming of coffee drinks, or more like milkshakes, whipped cream, salad dressings, gravy, sauces, mayonnaise, meringues and even meat.

Material: Stainless steel
Color: silver

Package Included:
1 x egg beater

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